he Nanjing sauna has no interest in the passers-by of this real estate agent. It just nodded in courtesy, and then stood in front of the square and looked at the French mansion of this luxurious blue-and-white wall. “How long is this lane?” “Nanjing sauna asked a straight wide road and asked. “183 meters, using carefully selected pebbles, pouring lime from the French Champagne region, making the road hard and durable. “Nanjing sauna nodded, and Ivana ten fingers clasped in the intermediary slowly walked to the door of the mansion,” give us a detailed introduction. “This is my privilege. Mr. Smith, the flower of Liss covers an area of ??about 2 hectares, and the main building covers an area of ??3,809 square meters. All the buildings are constructed of steel structure, and the exterior is reinforced with imported limestone, which is divided into 5 layers. . . Nanjing sauna and Ivana and the bodyguards behind them followed the intermediary into the mansion, stepping into the entrance hall, watching the foot covered with cashmere carpet embroidered with luxurious velvet, golden edging and gold-plated walls inside the house. The complementarity, the brilliance, and the extravagance are really amazing. “Oh, there are many similarities with the decoration of your father’s house!” “Nanjing sauna soft voice to Ivana sighs. Ivana Jiaomei mei’s white boyfriend, did not take care of him, into the living room, Ivana looked up, a huge classic oil painting covered with zenith, cute The angels seemed to fall into the mortal world in a warm glow, shining the whole room in a pink. “Every piece of furniture and collectibles, as well as all kinds of fabrics, was spent three years by Mr. Mojie. , JING heart purchase and overall match. The Nanjing sauna nodded lightly and continued on. The corridor was like an art gallery. “This Phnom Penh mirror is an 18th-century French court antique. The paintings on both sides of the wall are… These armchairs are all made in the 18th century, and the fabric is made of beautiful Lyons. These